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Fun 3D Cartoon Animal Design Tritan Water Bottle for Kids - 420ml

Fun 3D Cartoon Animal Design Tritan Water Bottle for Kids - 420ml

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Immerse your child in the joy of hydration with our Fun 3D Cartoon Animal Design Tritan Water Bottle. This delightful bottle showcases vibrant and captivating 3D cartoon characters, including bears, dinos, and sharks, adding an element of fun to every sip. Crafted with high-quality Tritan material, it ensures durability and safety for your little ones.

Key Features:

  1. Dazzling 3D Cartoon Design: Featuring a playful array of bears, dinos, or sharks, the unique 3D design makes this water bottle a standout choice, captivating kids' imaginations.

  2. Durable Tritan Material: Constructed from BPA-free, shatterproof Tritan material, this bottle withstands the rigors of a child's active lifestyle, ensuring it remains intact even after accidental drops.

  3. Easy-to-Drink Straw: The convenient straw design enables effortless sipping, encouraging kids to stay hydrated. The removable straw facilitates easy cleaning, promoting hygiene.

  4. Round Shape for Easy Grip: The bottle's ergonomic round shape is designed for small hands, providing a comfortable and secure grip, making it easy for kids to carry.

  5. Protective Sleeve: Equipped with a protective sleeve, the bottle stays shielded from scratches and dents. Additionally, the sleeve provides insulation to keep drinks refreshingly cool.

  6. Convenient Strap: The adjustable strap adds a practical touch, allowing kids to carry the bottle with ease, whether at school, on trips, or during outdoor adventures.

  7. Easy to Clean: With dishwasher-safe convenience and a removable straw, maintaining the bottle's cleanliness is hassle-free, ensuring it's ready for the next refreshing drink.

  8. Eco-Friendly: A sustainable choice, this reusable water bottle promotes environmental responsibility by reducing the use of disposable alternatives.

  9. Perfect Size: Holding 420ml of liquid, it's the ideal size for kids, providing just the right amount for their daily hydration needs.

  10. Leak-Proof Design: The bottle's leak-proof construction ensures a mess-free experience, making it perfect for school, travel, and outdoor activities.


  • Bottle Size: 13x12 cm
  • Package Size: 16x16.5x10cm

Quench your child's thirst for excitement and hydration with our Fun 3D Cartoon Animal Design Tritan Water Bottle!

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