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Leak-Proof Double Decker Lunch Box for Kids - 1200ml

Leak-Proof Double Decker Lunch Box for Kids - 1200ml

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FAQ: While the box is sealed and leakproof on the outside, liquids may move between compartments inside. Solid particles remain contained within their designated compartments.

Premium Quality Construction: Our lunch box is crafted from stainless steel and food-grade PP material, ensuring it is BPA-free, healthy, and highly durable. Thicker materials are used to enhance strength and prevent breakage, making the top and bottom exceptionally robust.

Dishwasher and Freezer Friendly: The removable double-decker stainless steel tray can be effortlessly cleaned in the dishwasher. The plastic bottom box is both dishwasher and freezer safe, BPA-free. An additional benefit is the option to pour in hot water before eating to heat the food.

Leak-Proof Design: Keep meals and snacks separated without any mess. The meal prep containers are equipped with a washable silicone ring and sturdy lids that securely snap shut, ensuring leak-proof storage.

Portion Control Convenience: The divided lunch box design allows for convenient storage of a variety of foods, perfectly portioned for both adults and children. It's durable and easy to carry on the go.

All-in-One Container: This 2-layered double-decker lunch box can fully accommodate the nutritional needs for children's school lunches. It can hold cut-up sandwiches, soup, pasta, noodles, green salad, wraps, chips, nuts, dried fruit, fruits, and more.

Capacity: 1200ml

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