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Fruity Delight Erasers Jar for Kids - Random Assortment (1 jar)

Fruity Delight Erasers Jar for Kids - Random Assortment (1 jar)

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Erasers Variety for Kids: This fun-filled eraser set comprises an assortment of fruity toy erasers – including peach, strawberry, banana, grapes, and pine-apple erasers, making it an entertaining stationary set for kids.

Enjoyable Stationary Set: Designed to work on any type of paper, these kids' erasers not only serve as a delightful stationary set but also help kids correct writing mistakes, fostering good homework habits.

Students Stationary Kit: Crafted from non-toxic and high-quality materials, these fancy erasers effortlessly erase pencil marks, making them an essential addition to every student's stationary kit.

Versatile Erasers Set: These cartoon erasers are not limited to paper; they work seamlessly on various surfaces, making them ideal for art and craft activities. They play a dual role in both creative endeavors and instilling good homework habits in kids.

Cartoon Charm: The 3D design of these erasers adds a charming touch, making them an excellent choice for return gifts, school prizes, and birthday presents. Moreover, these bead erasers can be repurposed for jewelry-making, including bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.

Unleash the joy of creativity and correction with the Fruity Delight Erasers Jar – a delightful surprise for kids and a perfect addition to their stationery collection

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